Before You Die…

Despite the cold weather, London is a fantastic place for public art that asks us to reflect on life.  As I walked down Borough High Street I could not help but stop and look at the wall that read “Before I Die…” Quite catchy right? Many people go about life worrying about routine things: coffee, breakfast, work/study, coffee, facebook, twitter, instagram, COFFEE… you get the point. This wall wants you to step away from your iPhone and think about something else: what will you do before you die? What would give your life meaning? The wall, which was put up by Candy Chang as part of the 3rd annual Merge Festival, can seem humorous at first.

Picture 145

One person wrote: “Meet Beyonce!” I laughed.

Picture 148

Some were adventurous: “I want to see the world.” I can certainly relate to that.

Picture 150

Others were touching as someone wrote: “Make a difference.”

Picture 147

But the one that resonated with me the most was: “Be happy.” Imagine, in the middle of a huge city with so much to offer we are still searching for our happiness.

Picture 146

I searched in my bag for something to write with but then I realized I didn’t yet have an answer.

Picture 149

What will you do before you die?

Picture 144